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Monday, May 22, 2017

Transferred! Neoa in Weno

Well, transfer calls were last night and i got moved again! Big surprise right? Seems like this is every transfer. Not sure why it's always me getting moved around when some have been in one area there whole mission and been out about a year. hah. I'm just mainly sad I am leaving Tonoas. I miss it like crazy already and i just boated in hah. I didn't want to leave at all. I'm crushed to leave that group in Enin and Elder Harmon and all those investigators we had ready to be baptized soon. 

I've now been moved to a new place called Neoa in Weno. (Inner isalnd again so, Mom, you can cheer for joy now that I get to email you every week again! Hah That seems like the only thing thats going for me right now. I wish I was still back in Tonoas ahh. This transfer is a 5 week transfer and then Pres Z leaves and then the new mission president comes in. I am super curious and excited to see what happens! and see how things change, or if they even do. 

I don't have much time. i have got to drive back to my new house in a few minutes, but just got on the computer to let y'all now that I've been transferred now

How's everything at home? Dad thanks for your email! I took a picture of it  and will read it tonight. I skimmed over it tho and btw my camera is a Nikon Coolpix AW130. That'd be WAY cool to get videos! Do you have my last sd card still? The first one I sent home? I would love to get that back, too, so I can see all of them again bc I don't have it copied! 

Mom,  sorry one last request. So I ripped my last pair of pants. All the black pairs have ripped so now I only have a grey pair (where i sweat like crazy.) Elder Burkart is letting me wear one of his pairs until i can get more. I've sewed them all up lots but they keep ripping!!! Anyway you could send some more pairs? I was trying to make it a year but it seems like that's not happening. Maybe more of the same pants like before? The nike golf super breathable kind, but if not i understand. Just 32x30 :) 

Thanks for everything and all you do for me! Hopefully, I can get into a new groove in my new area quickly. Oh, my comp is named Elder Z. He's been out just one transfer less than me.  

Love you and miss you all!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mom! Happy Mother's Day! 5/14/17

Happy Mother's Day!!

I just wanted to wish the best mom in this universe a Happy Mother's Day.  It's the least that I could do for someone who has done literally everything for me....someone who has given up everything in her life for me, to raise me, to make me happy, to help me be where I am today.  Someone who has been there for me every step of the way, even when I haven't always been the most obedient child.  All the hard trials I have faced in my life and things I have had to go through, you have always been there for me every single second I have needed help.  Seriously, Mom, I don't know if I know anyone else that can say that they have a mom like that.  I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky to have you as my momma! You have always been that perfect example and role model for me.  I am sorry for all the times I have talked back or fought with you when I was younger because I realize now that everything you ever did or said was only you trying your best to help me even if I maybe disagreed at that time.  You have always been so giving to me and all my siblings, always making sacrifices for us so that we can be happy and do what is right.

One of our main goals and our purpose of life on this earth is to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. That's something I hope and really work at  and that I hope my mission will help me become.  As I study the different attributes from PMG I try and think in what ways I could change to develop these attributes.  Mom, so many times you quickly have come to my mind of things you have done and who you have become to set that example for me to help me become like HIm.  Your love and charity and hope and everything has taught me so much about how to be like Him.  Having a mom so Christ-like has really been such a blessing and has helped me so much become who I am even though I am still so far from becoming like our Savior.  Thank you, Mom, for everything you have given me out here.  It has meant more to me than you could ever understand.  I miss you like cray and can't wait to be with you again, but I love my mission and this time of my life to serve Him and the people of Chuuk!  I love you!

Elder Saylin